"I cannot be defeated; the only thing that can defeat me is my mind."

-- Written in 2004 by A.B., Age 15, Illinois

KELY launches Talk2Me IM youth WhatsApp helpline


Over twenty years ago, KELY Support Group (KELY) was founded based on a simple communication tool: a telephone hotline service for youth, established in one person’s living room. Since then, the organisation adopted a unique peer support approach, with the ultimate aim to help empower young people to reach their potential.
In the past decade, the ever-changing social and technological advancements have led to many changes in our communication platforms with young people. Youth’s demand for online, social media, mobile and text-based communication (such as instant messaging, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter) largely increased.  Seeking support has also gone beyond typical family, school and social support systems, and onto mobile and cyberspace.
As a youth organisation, KELY continues to actively examine our resources, tools, platforms over the years to understand and engage with our youth, in order to provide the best possible support for their development. We strive to be inclusive to all youth in Hong Kong, including those from local Chinese, ethnic minority and non-Chinese speaking communities.
Today, we are pleased to announce the soft launch of Talk2Me Instant Messaging (IM), a pilot WhatsApp helpline which is modelled after the framework of a Mental Health Triage programme. This service is offered to all youth (14 – 24 years old) in Hong Kong, who are in need of emotional and psychological support.
Talk2Me IM provides:
  • Accessible mental health services using youth-approachable services
  • ›Quick and responsive emotional and psychological support, mental health assessments and appropriate referrals where necessary
  • Consistent  and quality assured mental health triage service delivery
  • Accountable documentation for confidential mental health assessments and referrals
Talk2Me IM service is the first bilingual WhatsApp support service in Hong Kong. This service will commence on November 15, and is available every Saturday in two sessions: 10am -5pm and 6pm - midnight in both English and Cantonese. Our team of experienced clinical psychologists and counsellors will be readily available to provide support to the limited services available over unsupervised hours in the weekend.
We would like to invite all local and International schools in Hong Kong to take part in our new service. Please distribute the following numbers to your contacts to use:
6174 4267 (English) / 6174 4395 (Cantonese)
Should you wish to enquire more about Talk2Me IM, please do not hesitate to contact us at talk2me@kely.orgor at 2521 6890. 
Thank you for your investment and support in Hong Kong’s future.
KELY Support Group

Sky Siu, KELY Support Group’s Acting Executive Director, calls on Hong Kong to re-examine youth support services as a part our investment to Hong Kong’s future. Read her article “On the Edge”, published on the South China Morning Post on 4 November, 2014. 
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