"I cannot be defeated; the only thing that can defeat me is my mind."

-- Written in 2004 by A.B., Age 15, Illinois

Update on Talk2Me IM



After three full months since its pilot launch, KELY will be temporarily suspending the Talk2Me IM service as of today.

KELY and our volunteers are still very committed to delivering the WhatsApp line to young people at need, and will continue to look for more support to continue our service. In the meantime, we are just giving it (and our phones!) a well-deserved break in order to make our service a success.

Talk2Me IM will be back - watch this space for more info! Should you need any emotional support, please contact The Samaritans 24-hour hotline at 2896 0000.

Talk2Me IM (Instant Messaging) is a bilingual WhatsApp helpline offered to all youth (14 – 24 years old) in Hong Kong in need of emotional and psychological support.
Talk2Me IM provides:
  • Accessible mental health services using youth-approachable services
  • ›Quick and responsive emotional and psychological support, mental health assessments and appropriate referrals where necessary
  • Consistent  and quality assured mental health triage service delivery
  • Accountable documentation for confidential mental health assessments and referrals
Talk2Me IM service is the first bilingual WhatsApp support service in Hong Kong. Starting on November 15, 2014, the service is available every Saturday in two sessions: 10am -5pm and 6pm - midnight in both English and Cantonese. Our team of experienced clinical psychologists and counsellors will be readily available to provide support to the limited services available over unsupervised hours in the weekend.
Talk2Me IM team can be reached via two numbers:
6174 4267 (English) / 6174 4395 (Cantonese)
For more information about Talk2Me IM, please email talk2me@kely.org or contact KELY Support Group at 2521 6890.
Talk2Me IM counselling conversations between KELY Support Group (KELY) and an individual in any medium remain private and confidential. However, KELY has a professional responsibility to report any past, immediate or possible future abuse or harm to self or others, to the relevant authorities. Identifying details, phone number, and conversation records will not be disclosed under normal circumstances. 
By using Talk2Me IM, you have agreed to the above terms. 
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