"True friends are only true if they're there to help you up when you're down."

-- Submitted by Cassie K., Age 14, Missouri

Support Hong Kong's At-Risk Youth This Festive Season!

Dear Friends of KELY,
The holiday season is fast approaching, and it is a wonderful time for friends and family to get together and enjoy each other's company. However, in my last ten years living in Hong Kong, I have come to the realisation that not all young people have the luxury of fully celebrating, Some have unspoken burdens of depression or seemingly unsolvable stress and anxiety.
The past year has seen a pressing demand for more psycho-social and emotional support for young people.This is indicative of a generation of youth who may not be well equipped with sufficient skills and resources to cope with stressful situations.  It also reveals gaps which must be addressed in order to nurture a healthy and robust generation of future leaders and citizens.
While a large part of KELY Support Group (KELY)’s services focuses on issues surrounding youth drug and alcohol abuse, youth mental health has always been an integral part of our work. In a recent focus group, we met 17 year-old Reyna (pseudonym), who shared that she felt Hong Kong lacked peer support groups for those who struggled with mental health: “I think it’s important for young people with mental health issues to know that they are not alone because this gives them a purpose to keep fighting…if they try to seek help themselves first, they should be given a channel and an opportunity to do so.”

In November 2014, we responded to the urgent needs and requests of our youth like Reyna by launching the pilot of Talk2Me Instant messaging (IM), a bilingual WhatsApp helpline available to all 14-24 year old youth in Hong Kong. This text-based counselling method aims to provide immediate emotional support and to encourage more socially disengaged youth to seek help. Thank you for your kind gifts earlier this year which enabled us to initiate worthy projects like this.

How You Can Help
While thinking of your holiday giving this season, we ask that you continue to keep KELY and young people in mind. As KELY does not receive government subvention, we rely on charitable donations to provide our services to vulnerable young people in Hong Kong.  Our goal is to raise HK$100,000 to help with the operation costs of Talk2Me IM, enabling more young people to seek help in 2015. For every dollar you donate, another generous donor has offered to double the impact by matching your contribution.
Donations* can be made online or by cheque payable to KELY Support Group, 2/F, East Wing, 12 Borrett Road, Central, Hong Kong. Should you have any questions, please contact Rosanna Yim at 2521 6890 or at rosannayim@kely.org.
We thank you once again for your generosity this year as your thoughtful gifts will help more youth in HK celebrate fully with their friends and family. We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday, and a healthy and prosperous year ahead.
Sky Siu
Acting Executive Director

* Donations of $100 and over are eligible for tax deductible receipts. Any donation of $1,000 or more will be acknowledged in our communications material.
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