"True friends are only true if they're there to help you up when you're down."

-- Submitted by Cassie K., Age 14, Missouri

September 2015 E-newsletter



September 2015 E-newsletter (Full PDF)

Welcome to My Mind
Celebrating World Drug Day 2015
Supporting Youth on “Cue”   
United Nations’ International Youth Day
Peninsula Mooncake Charity Sale
KELY in the Community
Special Thanks
Save the Dates!
KELY's Media Corner
Hong Kong Youth Would Gain From A Frank Discussion About Drugs, South China Morning Post, 25 June 2015
Drug Abuse and Addiction, BackChat, RTHK Radio 3, 2 July 2015
"Y-Engage" on Pinoy Fuse, DBC Radio 5, 23 July 2015
Hong Kong youth can make a real contribution to society, if we give them the chance to grow, South China Morning Post, 13 August 2015
      Our Keeping It R.E.A.L. youth participants from Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School celebrated the launch of "Welcome to My Mind" multimedia exhibition at Ka Kee Gallery of Objects on 25 June. Featuring clay model, graffiti art pieces and photographs by 36 ethnic minority youth, each art project reflected student’s positive and alternative life choices away from drug use. We would like to thank Ka Kee Pyne for curating the exhibition and sponsoring our venue, Street Poppy for providing graffiti training, and Taraka Sticha for providing art therapy training for our programme participants. Lastly, we would like to thank American Women's Association for making our programme possible.
Celebrating World Drug Day 2015
In recognition of 26 June’s International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, KELY reached out to the public in Yau Tong and Chai Wan districts to raise public awareness on the local and global drug situation. As a way to encourage young people to make positive life choices, our “Educate, Equip, Empower” campaign asked the public to share their alternatives to drugs, and pin them on our installation. 610 messages were collected from participants at Lei Yue Mun Plaza in Yau Tong and Hing Wah Plaza, Chai Wan, with ideas ranging from sports, socialising with friends and family, travel to volunteering. Here are some of our favourite messages and moments of the day!

Why is it important to talk about drugs in Hong Kong? Sky Siu explains why in her opinion piece on South China Morning Post.
Supporting Youth On "Cue"

World snooker ladies champion Ng On Yee is not only a talented athlete, she’s also a youth advocate who deeply cares about young people’s future. On 1 Aug, On Yee and Ding Junhui, former snooker men’s champion, competed in the challenging Igold and CGSE Charity Snooker Masters event to raise funds for KELY and 3 other charities.
The 24-year old athlete has been a continuous support to KELY since 2013, helping us raise awareness of youth issues in our community, and also started her own fundraising initiative for KELY at 881903 Commercial Radio “Share My Song” (16 Jun) and a marathon she did last year. She shared her message to young people before her race in the video:

Run for A Reason #1: Ng On Yee
We would like to express our gratitude to On Yee, Acetop Precious Metals Ltd., and Commercial Radio Hong Kong for their support.

Y-Engage, KELY’s social media campaign in recognition of 12 August 2015’s International Youth Day, was held over the weeks of 16 July to 12 August to advocate for youth in Hong Kong and across the globe, and to inspire more young people to make contribution to our communities.

Over the weeks from 16 July to 12 August, we are glad to have received 40 inspiring submissions from young people from 18 different countries. We hope that young people can continue to be a catalyst to create a better future for the world!

Special thanks to: Hong Kong Global Shapers & Y-Talk of their joint effort in advocating for youth; Without Equal Production and Anthony Asis for their pro-bono video promotions; and our summer interns Brandon Chung and Rebecca Xia for managing the campaign! 
KELY x The Peninsula Mooncake Charity Sale

Due to popular demand, KELY x The Peninsula mooncakes are sold out! KELY is pleased to partner with The Peninsula Boutique once again this autumn to raise funds to help empower people to make informed life choices. We thank you for your support, and wish everyone a warm Mid-Autumn Festival!
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KELY in the Community

KELY had the opportunity to share and promote the value of our organisation and the benefits of volunteering with UBS clients, members, NGOs, and other philanthropists at UBS Hong Kong Community Affairs Fair on 29 June. Thank you, UBS, for the invitation for us to attend and set up at the exhibition!

We would like to thank Cre8plus for inviting KELY’s youth to take part in BElive Yourself Summer Fencing Scheme 2015 for free. Through the month-long fencing course, from 31 July to 21 August, 15 young people were able to receive professional fencing tips, including footwork and analytical skills. Special thanks to Blue Cross for sponsoring the event, and to Cheung Siu Lun from the Hong Kong Men’s Foil Team, for offering to say a few inspiring words to our young people.
As a non-subvented organisation, KELY relies on the support of generous donors to serve the youth community. Your generous donation allows us to continue providing services for Hong Kong's young people. 

...Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for selecting KELY as the charity beneficiary of the Canadian Chamber Annual Ball 2015. A great EXperience indeed! 
IMAGINE Art Auction, project led by students from Renaissance College Hong Kong, for donating proceeds from the exhibition and auction at Cafe 8, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, from May 16 - 23.
...British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for its ongoing support to KELY’s youth drug prevention and education programmes and for selecting us as a charity beneficiary of its 2015 Annual Ball, “Jolly Good Jive”!
...SAR Philharmonic Orchestra for selecting us as the beneficiary of a classical concert with guest performer Dr Uriel Tsachor on 22 June. We would also like to extend our appreciation to our sapphire sponsor Four Seas Group and all our contributors for sponsoring the concert.
...student organisers of Dance Without Borders, annual charity dance competition at Renaissance College Hong Kong, for donating proceeds of the admission to KELY. Glad to see such passion from young people to dance and perform!
We would also like to thank the following individuals and groups for their generous donations and gifts in kind: 
Charitable Choice
Chung Yuen Electrical Co. Ltd.
Ka Kee Gallery of Objects - Inaugural Opening Party
Date:       2 September 2015
Time:      6pm - 9pm
Venue:   Ka Kee Gallery of Objects,
                Shop C6, G/F. 143 Second Street
                Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
KELY Comedy Fundraiser with Ambassador Vivek Mahbubani
Date:    21 December 2015
Time:    7pm - 9pm
Venue: Kee Club,
              32 Wellington Street,
              Central, Hong Kong
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