"One smile can change a day, one hug can change a week, one word can change a life...which word is it going to be?"

-- Written in 2004 by T. H., Age 13, Alberta, Canada

3 Simple Ways to Help Young People


Helping is Easy.
Helping Young People is even easier.


3 Simple Ways To Show Young People You Care
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1. KELY x Peninsula Mooncake Charity Sale

Buy Mooncakes, not Moon Rocks.

Purchase your KELY x Peninsula mooncake TODAY to help inform young people about drugs.
2. International Youth Day Instagram Campaign

Did you know that 240 million young people in the world suffer from a mental health condition?

Join KELY on Instagram to participate in the global action to end mental health stigma. 
3. Donate / start your own fundraising for KELY!
YOU, too, can be the leader in making Hong Kong a better place for young people. 
Click on the images below to find out what others have been doing to help Hong Kong's youth reach their full potential.
Thank you for helping young people become future leaders of tomorrow.

KELY Support Group
August 2014

Youth Helpline

Youth Helpline

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