Growing Up the KELY Way - New Positive Youth Development Programme for Hong Kong Schools (English only)



KELY has launched a suite of modules targeted at building the skills required to confront personal difficulties in a positive, proactive and informed way. Designed to meet the diverse developmental needs of Hong Kong adolescents, our “Growing UpWith KELY” program focuses on identifying talents, strengths, interests and potential of youth as a platform to counter adversity. KELY aims to foster the protective assets of teens in a non-judgmental, empathetic, supportive and confidential environment so every young person in Hong Kong has the opportunity to become more resilient, be better equipped and enjoy healthier, drug free life outcomes".

This programme addresses issues such as; transitioning into Year 7 and University, dealing effectively with change in general, managing relationships in real life as well as on-line and coping with the stresses of everyday life. It aims to enhance student's understanding of themselves and others while building life skills, allowing them to develop more healthy mature relationships, manage their own emotional well-being and increase their self-awareness and self-esteem so they can make better decisions and live a drug free life.

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